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Criteria For Assistant and Associate Vice Provost

History: First issued December 6, 2004

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I. Introduction

The titles of Assistant Vice Provost and Associate Vice Provost have been designated as Senior Academic and Administrative Officers (SAAO), Tier II, as defined by the UNC Board of Governors SAAO policy, section 300.1.1, paragraph I.B. This policy defines “other officers” in the SAAO category to include “(a) members of the chancellor’s professional staff; (b) those responsible for the administrative direction of separately designated divisions or departments of institutional activity commonly associated with institutions of higher education; (c) those positions whose primary responsibility is to attract external funds for and/or market the University; and, (d) other officers holding positions characterized by active, continuing involvement in formulating, interpreting, and implementing institutional policy and exercising substantial independence of administrative authority and discretion in areas such as program planning and design and allocation of resources.” The criteria outlined below are designed to be consistent with this definition.

This Standard Operating Procedure applies to all requests to establish new positions, change titles of existing positions, or fill vacant positions of Assistant Vice Provost or Associate Vice Provost on or after December 6, 2004. It shall not apply to existing positions filled prior to December 6, 2004.

II. Criteria for the title of Associate Vice Provost

  • Line authority within the organization, preferably with responsibility for subunits.
  • Significant authority for budget and/or programmatic decisions
  • Responsibility to formulate, implement and interpret policies relevant to the unit
  • Direct report to Vice Provost
  • Normally expected to have an advanced degree
  • Extensive relevant experience
  • May be delegated authority to act in the capacity of the Vice Provost in his or her absence

III. Criteria for the title of Assistant Vice Provost

  • Limited line authority within the organization
  • Responsibility for directing significant programmatic activities within the unit
  • May be delegated specific budget responsibilities, or has input in the organizational budget process
  • Provides input on the formulation and implementation of policies relevant to the unit
  • Responsibility to interpret policies relevant to the unit
  • May report directly to the Vice Provost, or to an Associate Vice Provost
  • Expected to have an advanced degree or terminal degree for discipline of position’s area of responsibility.

IV. Procedures

A. Establishment and Filling of Positions

The titles of Assistant and Associate Vice Provost may result from organizational initiatives requiring the establishment of a new position meeting the criteria defined above, or from title changes due to expanded responsibilities within an existing position, such that the new responsibilities fall within the definition of SAAO Tier II and the criteria listed above.

To establish a new assistant or associate vice provost title, the vice provost must submit a request to the provost via the senior vice provost for academic affairs. If approved, the provost will forward the request to the chancellor who has delegated authority to approve the creation of new SAAO titles such as assistant and associate vice provost at NC State University.

In the case of the establishment of a new position or in filling a vacant position it will be normally expected that the position will be filled via a national search, but may be filled via a search limited to the NC State University campus or internal promotion at the request of the Vice Provost with approval of the Provost and concurrence of the Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity and Equity.

B. Requests to Change Titles and/or Duties of Existing Assistant or Associate Vice Provost Positions

A vice provost may request to change the title and/or duties of an existing assistant or associate vice provost position or title. A request to change the title and/or duties of an existing assistant or associate vice provost position or title should be submitted to Human Resources-Classification as outlined in:
REG05.15.1-Procedures for Establishing EPA Positions.